What's On: Gilly, Did You Torch That Christmas Tree?


No one can deny that of all the current Saturday Night Live cast members, Kristen Wiig deserves to host the show's Christmas special most. This season, she has appeared in 90% of the show's skits and probably holds cue cards on the rest. But out of all the Kristen Wiig characters (Target Lady, Penelope, Suze Orman even?), why Gilly? Hopefully NBC has some grand plans for its verbally-restricted, mischievous schoolgirl.

SNL Presents: A Very Gilly Christmas [8 PM, NBC]

Fortunately for Gilly, this year's Oscar hosts Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin will be on hand to perform one monologue each and revive several of their most popular skits including "Schweddy Balls" and "A Holiday Wish." Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg will also guest star, possibly in a reprise of ''D--- in a Box'." Studio 8H will sprinkle a few new holiday skits into the two hour program.

Real Housewives of Orange County [10 PM, Bravo]

While other channels bask in programs featuring snowflakes and Christmas carols, the housewives flee the O.C. for a more tropical locale: Florida. The ladies' week of relaxation is interrupted when Gretchen's boyfriend Slade Smiley, who was arrested earlier this year for civil contempt, crashes their party. Meanwhile, Alexis joins the vacation a day late, splintering the group into trash-talking factions.

Jersey Shore [10 PM, MTV]

Tonight's episode of Jersey Shore will be bittersweet: Sweet with its regular dose of fist-pumping, flexing and oiled up guidettes. Bitter in that it no longer contains the clip of Snooki getting sucker punched by a stranger. Either way, tonight's show will still address Snooki's nightclub incident with the rest of the night's footage and a disclaimer that individuals in abusive relationships should seek help -- not a reality deal. Also in tonight's hour, new late night stars "The Situation" and Pauly D figure out how to juggle two pairs of women.


You've Got Mail [8:30 PM, E!]

Sometimes the only way to ease yourself into the holiday spirit is to kick back with a bottle of Blackberry Ridge Boone's Farm and a saccharin sweet movie with festive scenes. Since Bridget Jones's Diary and Love Actually are not on tonight's line-up, settle for the Meg Ryan-Tom Hanks remake of The Shop Around the Corner. It may not have Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullavan but it does have Steve Zahn and a romanticized Upper West Side.


  • blah says:

    It's obviously Gilly because she's a child character, so you can have her appear with Santa as the bad child and other unfunny scenes. The writers have been phoning it in for years, no reason to get creative for the holidays.