Weinsteins' Latest Push-Back: Hoodwinked Too


Surprise! The Weinstein Company announced late Wednesday it would delay the release of Hoodwinked Too -- the sequel to their 2006 animated hit -- until February at the earliest. It had originally been set for Jan. 15, one week after its Michael Cera comedy Youth in Revolt (which had also been delayed back in September.) What gives? Do we really have to ask?

A TWC executive cited the company's choice for a "big marketing and promotion push" for Youth, which it might want to start soon with the film opening three weeks from tomorrow. There are apparently some unspecified animation issues that require attention as well, which I take to mean the red ink in the marketing-side ledger needs to be digitally replaced with black ink. That takes time, folks. This isn't Pixar.

Still, the exec denied that the indefinite delay was motivated by a TWC cash shortfall. And in fairness that might technically be true -- all the money is going to its three-front awards campaigns, and rightly so. Nevertheless, I think we all know what this really means: Bob Weinstein hasn't sold his duplex yet. No rush!

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