Can The Runaways Succeed Where Whip It and Jennifer's Body Failed?


The teaser trailer for The Runaways came out today, and it's got a tasty helping of Dakota Fanning, Michael Shannon in eye makeup, and Kristen Stewart's Joan Jett throwing both fits and chairs. The clip won't do anything to derail the want-to-see buzz building for its premiere at Sundance, though I can't help but wonder: Are the odds stacked against this movie in general release?

I know that this was the year women proved that they can make a movie like New Moon into a massive phenomenon, but it was also the year that most female-targeted films with any sort of alt shadings -- like Whip It and Jennifer's Body -- found themselves met by an indifferent audience. The Runaways has got a lot in common with those two titles: like Whip It, it boasts a female director and some riot grrl inspiration, and like Jennifer's Body, it stars a famous paparazzi magnet outside of her mega-franchise (not to mention a same-sex kiss the press has salivated over). I know I'll be there -- next month, in fact. But will ticketbuyers?



  • kate says:

    Take comfort in the knowledge that in a few years' time they'll enjoy rock-solid spots in the Seven Sisters freshman nostalgic movie marathon canon

  • Brian says:

    Tween girls made New Moon a success and I doubt that they are going to see Runaways. Women only seem to support movies made by women if they fit into the romcom, romadventure, romdrama, or romsomething mode. Not being a rom of any kind, I think Runaways is out of luck.

  • Dill says:

    I see your point about this movie but I think we really need to get off this "women only see certain kinds of movies" bullshit train. What I want to know is: according to who? I mean where is this market research coming from? Acting like it's news that women go and see movies at all (I'm looking at you Sarah Jessica Parker) and then saying "oh, but only these certain ones though." I cannot be the only woman who actively avoids the romsomething movies, I'm sure there are plenty of me out there.

  • anon says:

    yes yes yes yes cant wait to watch this with my girlies, the difference is with the other women kristen stewart is not the a typical hollywood doll, she is pure talent and her dont give a f@@k attitude to media is a breath of fresh air, that is how women will support her, she is not fake she is a huge talent but is very real with it.

  • McSnarkster says:

    I am deeply, deeply concerned. Only 50 seconds, and there's already clear examples of Kristen Stewart biting her lip and pushing her hair back. She realizes she's playing the badass Joan Jett and not sad-sack Bella Swan, right? (Seriously. Can't any director cure her of those incessant ticks?)

  • Jetthead says:

    Can't wait. And she didn't bite her lip, she licked it. It's a Joan Jett mannerism, people.

  • lucas says:

    generally yes. but it is the Twilight Girl. and the other Twilight Girl. of course they must be supported.
    so those that love Twilight will go see it to support if nothing else. those that are sick of Twilight will not. except for the few that actually know who Joan Jett is and are curious if the movie is even close to accurate.
    actually being at Sundance is probably the best thing in the world for the movie cause if it does well there will be plenty of praising reviews to counter the vast number of "Stewart can't act her way out of a paper bag" disses.