Late Night Highlights: Double the Lambert, Avatar Butts and More Snooki

Beware, reality stars are taking over late night television. First, the three Jersey Shore cast members with the best nicknames -- "The Situation", Snooki and Pauly D -- hit Jimmy Kimmel Live! to recreate the Christmas story and then they blew Jay Leno's mind during Jaywalk All-Stars, which is basically an SNL Jeopardy sketch. Also featured in a late night doubleheader was Adam Lambert, who visited Chelsea Lately and the Jay Leno Show. For each of those reality star moments, plus the other highlights you missed while rethinking your awards campaign, join us after the jump.

Clip It Like Beckham

One of the biggest mysteries in late night is how George Lopez continues to score some of the best guests. Just last night, G-Lo convinced Mariah Carey and David Beckham to join his TBS block party. The latter discussed his game nights with Tom Cruise, how his wife (Victoria Beckham) is not that grumpy in real life and finally, the soccer star gave Lopez a cool hairdo of his own.

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