Who's New, and Who's Doing Who, in True Blood Season 3

True Blood already has a ridiculously sprawling cast filled with vampires, shapeshifters, were-vampires, shape-wolves, and drunken hayseeds (the most dangerous of all!), but it seems like every day brings with it a new casting notice for Season 3. Who are all these new people? Who will they be playing? And most importantly, how naked will Alan Ball make them get? Here's Movieline's handy-dandy guide to help you make sense of it all:



Alcide Heveraux: Joe Mangianello

Affiliation: Werewolf

Backstory: One of the most anticipated new roles, as the courteous Alcide becomes a love interest for Sookie later in the series. (Say what you will about Sookie having too many love interests too soon, but you have to admire the girl's commitment to interspecies diversity.)

Chances of Getting Naked: By the time these two get together, Anna Paquin's breast-baring will have lost its novelty value. Someone's gotta pick up the slack.


Franklin Mott: James Frain

Affiliation: Vampire

Backstory: Franklin has a lot to live up to, as he'll be replacing the oft-objectified Eggs as Tara's new main squeeze.

Chances of Getting Naked: Described in the casting notice as "sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy." (In casting parlance, that fourth "sexy" means the auditioning actor has to slate, read, and submit to an in-the-room improv exercise that involves manscaping and cupped genitals.)


Caroline: Shannon Lucio

Affiliation: Human

Backstory: Bill's Civil War wife, who he abandoned after he was turned after he was turned into a vampire.

Chances of Getting Naked: Did they actually get naked during the Civil War? I always thought they mourned the loss at Fort Sumter, then engaged in heavy petting through a sheet.


Reverend Daniels: Gregg Daniel

Affiliation: Human

Backstory: The church pastor who counsels Lettie Mae, Tara's mother.

Chances of Getting Naked: Says the casting notice: "He's a bit uncomfortable when Lettie Mae's hug goes on too long." As are we. Let's end it there.

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  • dollywould says:

    Pam is like Joan from Mad Men for me. There can never be enough of her onscreen.
    And holy crap, Forney from Where The Heart Is is Franklin Mott? Mind. Is. Blown.

  • S says:

    You forgot the new stripper who's going to be sleeping with Eric, played by Natasha Alam. Alex Skarsgard nudity ahoy!

  • aemac says:

    I know True Blood isn't quite the books, but I don't remember Sookie and Alcide getting together in the books. Sookie is going to look like a cheap skank if she does hook up with Alcide.

  • krystal_skyi says:

    Thanks for posting the latest casting for True Blood, I was really getting confuse trying to remember everyone. It's going to be a great season 3!

  • GlamVamp says:

    As long as we get more (and more quality) of Eric Northman I am happy puppy. Love the show, but Alexander Skarsgard is under used in my opinion and yet is critically praised for his performance as stealing the scenes he is in. His fans are legion... pleas AB give us more of the viking vamp in a meaningful way.

  • melly says:

    Aemac, you're right they don't get together they just heavily make out. Sookie also heavily makes out with Eric too...all while off trying to save Bill haha...though she was under the impression that Bill had left her for Lorena...Then remember she banishes him from her life for not being completely honest with her lol this girl has some serious double standards going on

  • vampmom says:

    aemac, your cheap double-standard sickens me. so bill can go off and f--- anyone he pleases and that's just being a man/vamp, but sookie can't become attracted to a warm, breathing shifter? piss off!

  • Elle says:

    Ha ha! Vampmom, Bill didn't just 'go off and f--- anyone he pleases'... it was his MAKER, and they CAN'T SAY NO... How much can the poor man say SORRY??
    I'm all for Sook getting with Eric anyway, but still... it was definitely harsh on him... it's not like your everyday human.. 'oh I couldn't help it' excuse....

  • kara says:

    Question....How the hell is Bill's wife from his lifetime going to be a HUMAN? I'm a little perplexed, geez I can't wait till season 3! Oh, if anyone knows the answer I'd love to know! 🙂

  • ANONYMOUS says:

    Sookie and Eric do some heavy Making out in Russel Edgington's mansion, but they get walked in on by Bubba, who i hope they cast. I hope they do. I want to see who they get to play Vampire Elvis who likes to be called Bubba and likes cat blood. But didnt they get Bill's Maker in season 2?

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes, they did his maker but she comes back. Apparently, she's the one who took him, according to the books, and he spends some time getting reaquited with her then Eric does some sneaky stuff by telling Sookie that Bill was sent to seduce her cause she's a fairy and whatnot. But Bubba will not be interrupting anybody's makeout session cause he will NOT be cast and will NOT be in the show. AB has said it may times in his interviews. He thinks it would make the show too cartoony.

  • Ladytiger says:

    Sorry but I think that Theo Alexander would have made a way better Alcide. The guy the picked looks to much like Sam

  • Bob Smiley says:

    I was really hoping we would get the fairy backstory this season, we might still, but in rewatching season one (after finishing all the books) they sure do allude to Sookie being "special" and "smelling F*&%@#g good", etc. Her fairy blood is catnip for vamps. I really want to see that side as well, but I am totally enjoying the sidetracks they take from the books as well. Both are rich worlds for me to enjoy!