The Situation Prior


· Pictured, Jersey Shore breakout guido Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino in his Manalapan High School Class of 1999 yearbook photo. We got a bit of a situation with the situation on top of his situation. [Oh No They Didn't]


· Embarrassing Photo Wednesday, Part II: This was Nicole Kidman at the Nine premiere last night. Let's look at the bright side: No one could accuse her of looking too shiny! [dlisted]

· Gird your loins: Jake Gyllenhaal is single, ladies. And gentlemen. And hermaphrodites, and Na'vi, and woodland creatures, etc. etc. etc... [ETOnline]

· WTF Comcast: A Tumblr devoted to documenting the work of the possibly drunk employee responsible for their wacky movie descriptions. [WTF Comcast]

· Yet another trailer for Alice in Wonderland, this one for the UK, reveals how she winds up back in Wonderland in the first place: She's a bride on the run! [YouTube]

· The Simpsons have updated their cast poster for their 20th anniversary. For extra fun, tell your kids Waldo is in there somewhere, then enjoy several hours of relative peace and quiet. [Live Feed]


  • Daft Clown says:

    Re: Nicole Kidman - exactly how many milligrams of OxyContin or otherwise do you need to be ingesting to not realize that your face looks like that?
    Courtney, Paula.. any help here?