Roy Disney, R.I.P.


Roy Disney died today at age 79, and though his uncle Walt's contribution to film is well-known, Roy accomplished almost as much behind the scenes. Not only did he help revive Disney's fortunes by kickstarting a new animation era that began with The Little Mermaid, but he was a boardroom tour-de-force, unseating corporate regimes and clashing with executives like Michael Eisner, who he essentially forced out of the company in 2004. You were a tough son-of-a-gun, Roy. Rest in peace. [LAT]


  • cvguy says:

    Roys contributions to Disney Corp. could not have been greater, he kept the creative heart and soul of Disney alive during some bad times. This is the man who saved Disney; brought in Michael Eisner when fresh blood was needed, and then orchestrated Eisners destruction when Mike took things too far. The guy was a true professional of the old style...Rest in Peace Roy.