Movieline's Guide to Each New Project Runway Contestant

Last season Kyle Buchanan guessed the plight of each new Project Runway contestant (and very correctly identified Mitchell!). Judging by the new materials on Lifetime's website, it's time to slay Season Seven's competitors. Big news: I like almost all of them. While Tim Gunn has yet to release his thoughts on each contestant, Movieline has gleaned their personalities, quirks, and instability through their bios. I voice my (few) lingering cautions on each contestant after the jump.


Name: Mila Hermanovski

Age: 40

From: Dallas, TX

Caveat: To repeat my colleague's concern with Louise Black last season: Dammit, Johnny, you know she loves her big beef and cheddar? And a 10th place finish?


Name: Emilio Sosa

Age: 43

From: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Caveat: During a tour of his home, he points out his new shower and says, "I'm a man. Men don't need to lie in baths." Aw, another contestant who claims to be a "real man." Great.


Name: Ben Chmura

Age: 30

From: South Meriden, CT

Caveat: Named each of his audition dresses after a different snake. They can't all be WCW challenges, Ben.


Name: Amy Sarabi

Age: 25

From: Plano, TX

Caveat: She's highly skilled, but she's a permalancer at Men's Active Old Navy. And with her low-key personality, I already hear the ghost of Season Three's unjustifiably booted Bonnie Dominguez (whose retail experience was similar) clamoring for Amy to be more exciting.


Name: Seth Aaron Henderson

Age: 38

From: San Diego, CA

Caveat: His penchant for maroon velveteens and denim conjures unpleasant images of Season One and Two's Daniel Franco. Finger guns blazing at the mannequin -- and into our heads?


Name: Jay Nicolas Sario

Age: 31

From: The Philippines

Caveat: I just watched his audition video, and I already can't remember him.


Name: Anthony Williams

Age: 28

From: Birmingham, AL

Caveat: Zoe Glassner called his audition gown "derivative," and then he used "context clues" to figure out what that meant. Oh, Anthony. The Countess of Snoozefest can't be outsmarting you already!


Name: Ping Wu

Age: ?

From: Chengdu, China

Caveat: Her clothes fold into 100 different forms! The hat becomes a face mask! The pants become skirt! The judges become weary fast, and Ping becomes the next Diana Eng (Season Two).

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  • Emperor Joshua Norton says:

    It's nice to see the adult-to-fetus ratio evening out better this season, but I truly do wonder if talented designers are staying away from this show as if it were the plague?
    Because last season was a wasteland. Waste. Land.

  • When I joined I was skeptical for just ten seconds before I realized what this was. I was smiling from ear to ear and you will too.