Late Night Highlights: Dracula Duets, Naked Hugs and Snooki

As Mark Lisanti broke down into raw data for you a little earlier, two MTV personalities have distanced themselves from their guido pack this week: Snooki and "The Situation." Maybe it's their catchy names or that scandalous guido-on-guido act of violence, but last night the tanned pair made their late night debut on the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien. After the jump, video of "The Situation" christening Conan, along with the other moments you missed while honing those evil Harvey Weinstein mannerisms.

Jason Segel's Dracula Duet

Last night the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson celebrated its 1000th episode with the help of Forgetting Sarah Marshall cast members Kristen Bell and Jason Segel, who brought along his Dracula puppet for an emotional duet.

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