Avatar: The 'Deal of the Century'?


After 15 years and a few hundred million dollars of tinkering and experimentation, James Cameron is sick of hearing about what it cost to finally get his visionary Avatar in front of moviegoers. "I don't think it means jack sh*t," Cameron told THR, blowing off production estimates that now reach $300 million. "To be perfectly honest, I think the studio has generated the myth about its costs to help in the selling of the movie. I have seen this happen with Terminator and True Lies and Titanic, and it helps the film become a must-see film. By the way, doesn't that mean it's a bargain to see such an expensive film for the same amount it costs to see any other film? It's the deal of the century!" Sort of? Does this mean we can adjust for inflation and sneak into Paranormal Activity for free? [THR]