Uh-Oh. She Sees You.


The video for Leona Lewis' Avatar anthem "I See You" is gliding through the internet like an iridescent pterodactyl. Was this also 15 years in the making, because the inspiration behind Leona's lighting seems more akin to the an American Idol runner-up's Skittle-colored galaxy. The video, after the jump:

· Yep. Still not "My Heart Will Go On."

· Nicole Kidman is willing to talk about anything! Laugh, laugh! Just not Scientology. OK? Heh heh. Warlord stare.

· Tobey Maguire is not in talks with Guillermo del Toro or Peter Jackson to star in The Hobbit, the star himself confirms, following his rep's statement. He is, however, willing to remain "in conversations" about the movie. Hell, let's have one right now.

· The first stills from Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World are out, and Michael Cera wears a flattering Smashing Pumpkins tee. I get the feeling this movie's playlist is uncomfortably infinite.

· Ready for Craig Ferguson's 1,000th show? His replacement host Wavy the Alligator Puppet sure is. Do we have any retired game show hosts who could deliver this thing a karate chop? That's a showcase showdown I can get behind.


  • Sally inChicago says:

    This song fits the scenes that are showing. It's a good video, but the song cannot stand on its own. It needs a movie to support it. I can't wait for Avatar.