Buzz Break: All This Needs is Joan and the Accordion


· Why yes, that is Mad Men's Rich Sommer (dressed as a baby) standing with Weird Al Yankovic. And why wouldn't it be?

· Quentin Tarantino has begun listing his top movies of 2009, and sadly, there's not an Anything Else-level head scratcher among them.

· Calvin Klein wants to make musclebound Twilight actor Kellan Lutz its new, underwear-clad Mark Wahlberg.

· Here is your important IMDb comment thread of the day, concerning Mel Gibson's upcoming take on the British miniseries Edge of Darkness: "Will He Kiss His Daughter's Dildo in the Remake?"

· James Cameron almost died while making The Abyss, the new book The Futurist reveals. So take that, Ed Harris!


  • Louis Virtel says:

    Such diplomacy, Quentin. He should also pick Best Supporting Actor nominees and list them in English, German, and French.

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