What's On: Name That Tuneless Novice


For a minute there, you were worried we were out of network singing competitions. Fear not: The frontman of 98 Degrees, the frontcat of the Pussycat Dolls, and the frontkneeler of Boyz II Men are here to bring pitchiness and populism back into your living room.

How I Met Your Mother [CBS, 8 PM]

The gang all struggles to quit smoking, and a very-much-welcome Harvey Fierstein guests as "Lily's smoking voice." Unfortunately, this gay legend will likely not compare to when Tim Gunn appears on the hundredth episode as "Smokin', Highly Addictive Fashion Guru." Try quitting that, Barney. Also: Robin is agitated by a co-worker.

The Sing-Off [NBC, 8 PM]

Nick Lachey hosts this hour of amateur wailing. The judging panel is an esteemed trio: the adorable Ben Folds, the credible Shawn Stockman, and the, er, swivel-y former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger. I hope "bustiness" and "corset-fittedness" are a part of the grading rubric.

That Thing You Do! [VH1 Classic, 8 PM]

Every once in a while you want to see a Tom Hanks movie that belongs nowhere on an Oscar reel. Since Turner and Hooch, Bachelor Party, and Joe Versus the Volcano aren't in the immediate TV vicinity, treat yourself to this swingin' film about a budding music group.