Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood Forest

· The Courier Mail has a first look at Ridley Scott's Robin Hood, featuring Cate Blanchett as Maid Marian and Russell Crowe as Maximus. One more picture of Robin with his merry men, after the jump:


· Presented context-free, here's a quote from Matthew Goode's interview with The Advocate: "I don't think you can have an erection in a scene, and I always find that funny: If you're going to have sex, you can't suddenly have the man springing into bed with a floppy knob. It should be a little bit saturated with semen and standing out at an odd angle with a few veins involved."

· Apparition has picked up The Runaways on the eve of its Sundance bow. Here's hoping it fares better than Apparition's last Sundance buy, Black Dynamite.

· The Muppet Man may have snagged the top spot on The Black List, but you're not likely to see it anytime soon thanks to a thicket of rights issues.

· Dexter's audacious season finale brought in 2.6 million viewers, a Showtime record for any series.

· NYT film critic Manohla Dargis talked to Jezebel about her recent article bemoaning the paucity of women directors: "Sometimes I think what women should do what various black and gay audiences have done, which is support women making movies for women. So does that mean I have to go support Nora Ephron? Fuck no. That's just like, blech."


  • Matthew D H says:

    Yup, because when I think of Robin Hood I tend to imagine a strapping young 45 year old as he attempts to seduce a youthful, virginal 40 year old Maid Marian.

  • Michael says:

    To Matthew: This is a different take on Robin Hood you douche! Instead of Maid Marian this is Lady Marian who has just lost her husband in the war so she is not, I repeat NOT "virginal". People like you drive me crazy because you have no capacity for imagination. You think everything must be one way and cannot be interpreted differently. Life must be very black & white for you, it's a shame.

  • joe G says:

    I agree with Michael. How can anyone have such a negative take on an unseen film being made by one of Hollywood's best directors and two of it's best, most talented actors working today. You'd probably complain in the middle of a lapdance whilst drinking a glass of champagne. I can't wait for this movie.

  • Daft Clown says:

    This is surprising; I've heard that Crowe prefers to ride bareback.

  • Johnny44 says:

    Is this a prequel to "Robin and Marian"?

  • Oltion (Albania) says:

    When i picture Russell Crowe, i picture him as the gladiator... i think he cant deliver a new action character. I expect nothing more than a 13th century version of the old gladiator!!

  • Fred says:

    You people all just need to pop your meds and lighten up. I laughed out loud at Mathew DH's comment. Although the use of sarcasm is considered on a higher intellectual plane than other types of humor. So I guess I can understand why the Brain Trust made up of Michael and Joe G probably didn't quite get it. Well guys, don't despair - there's always Carrot Top...

  • Layne says:

    Sarcasm and everything else aside, I personally can't wait for this movie. Crowe and Scott know how to make great movies, historical epics in particular!

  • joe g says:

    Yes, Fred, you are so much superior to us because you "got it". You sure showed your elevated level of consciousness over the rest of us with your use of phrases such as "meds" and "lighten up". Sarcasm is the absence of wit. Way to lay down the law to people online about how much better a person you are than the rest of us. Personally, i just hate sarcastic bitter people. It's usually someone who is bitter because they could not do what others do.

  • Daft Clown says:

    Are you being sarcastic?

  • Ann says:

    Cate plays LADY MARIAN, a widow, not maid.
    I loved the trailer !

  • Liz says:

    "Although the use of sarcasm is considered on a higher intellectual plane than other types of humor."
    Sorry, sarcasm is supposed to be the LOWEST form of wit , not the highest.
    "I expect nothing more than a 13th century version of the old gladiator!!" - As nobody does costume epic hero better than Crowe anyway, this is a Good Thing.
    Personally, I can't wait until May.