Jay Leno Show Wins Product-Placement Title (This Post Brought to You By Movieline)


The Jay Leno Show has been on air for three torturous months, enduring bottomless criticism for its lazy satellite interviews, gimmicky "Earn Your Plug" stunts and rehashed segment ideas. Some might say that the only moments of brilliance arise from fortuitously scheduled guests or segments gone horribly wrong. But a triumph has finally arrived for NBC's denim-outfitted underdog, just in time for the holidays. Unfortunately for Leno, his new title was claimed for whoring out his show to the most on-air advertisers.

The win comes from Nielsen's annual list which tallies on-air product mentions, both intentional and accidental. The Jay Leno victory comes only three months after its premiere, edging out its NBC competitor, the Subway-flaunting Biggest Loser, perhaps because Leno is on every single night. The runners-up are listed below:

1. The Jay Leno Show (1015 placements)

2. WWE Monday Night Raw (787)

3. The Biggest Loser (704)

4. American Idol (553)

5. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (483)

6. The Celebrity Apprentice (428)

7. Top Chef: Las Vegas (412)

8. America's Next Top Model (380)

9. Project Runway (350)

10. Dancing With the Stars (331)

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· Leno Leads in Product Placement' [Variety]


  • Concerned says:

    I don't know what Julie Miller's issue with Leno is, but it certainly doesn't seem like a balanced, well reasoned critique. We can see that, by citing herself, she has a history of attacking Leno from the beginning with little else to contribute on the subject. Meaning, we've heard this trash before, but look at his ratings from last week.
    Did Julie forget that television is a business, and that right beside her article is an ad for overpriced clothing?
    Before you pit yourself against one of the best names in television, do your homework, and learn some work ethic. This link works. http://harrisinteractive.com/harris_poll/pubs/Harris_Poll_2009_01_28.pdf

  • sweetbiscuit says:

    What's with the comments on Leno's work ethic? Creativity is about more than punching a clock. No one will argue that he's racking up TV hours. But few are arguing that he is providing interesting entertainment, either. Leno doesn't get points from me for still being "at it." Many many critics and audiences agree that he is not funny. If he quits now, he'll be quitting while he's behind. And good riddance.

  • Louis Virtel says:

    Lol @ "learning some work ethic." She really should've watched 150 more "10 at 10s" before declaring Jay Leno annoying and unfunny. By the way, there's nothing about ratings that makes someone funny. Scientific fact! I looked it up with my work ethic!