What Will Mel Gibson Be Doing for His Summer Vacation?


After lying low for a few years, suddenly Mel Gibson is the busiest actor/director this side of Shutters on the Beach. Mel the Director's got plans to stuff Leonardo DiCaprio in a Viking's helmet, while Mel the Actor is busy with upcoming projects The Beaver and Edge of Darkness, but today a brand-new Mel Gibson mystery project was officially announced on Production Weekly's Twitter. What is it?

Mel Gibson will star in How I Spent My Summer Vacation, due to begin filming early March in Veracruz, Mexico, Adrian Grunberg will direct.

Looks like we've got a title for the prison movie that Veracruz's governor was touting a while back. Grunberg was first AD on both Edge of Darkness and Apocalypto, so this gig's a promotion for him. Nice work, Adrian! Bryan Michael Stoller is so jealous right now.

ProdWeek [Twitter]


  • John Miller says:

    I've never been much of a movie-goer but I like to see this guy back at his craft. Mel, I'm with you buddy!