Jake Gyllenhaal Wishes He Knew How to Quit the Octopus Fused to His Head


Back in late October, we teased you with a photo of Jake Gyllenhaal and Elmo, promoting the Brothers star's upcoming appearance on Sesame Street. The segment has finally aired, and featured Jake standing beneath a smiling octopus, its draped tentacles making him look a bit like Whoopi Goldberg. The two discuss the fact that they'd probably be better off not stuck together, and will therefore "separate" themselves. They eventually succeed and go their separate ways; Jake marries a rich rancher's daughter, but her father has him killed when he finds out he used to have an ongoing arrangement with an octopus. Then the octopus goes to Jake's parents' house and retrieves the hip waders Jake wore when they met, and clutches them to his chest and weeps. It's all very touching and tragic.


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