Hollywood Ink: Leonardo DiCaprio Goes Viking for Mel Gibson


· For those of us who like to complain about Hollywood being out of ideas, I guess this is what we get: Mel Gibson will direct Leonardo DiCaprio in an untitled action-drama about vikings. Little else is known about the project, though DiCaprio's Departed braintrust of producer Graham King and screenwriter William Monahan are also on board the stars' furry, formidable vessel. Presumably this means Gibson won't be using that Mexican prison after all, unless of course the story covers the infamous, ill-conceived Viking Spring Break in Veracruz back in 944 AD. [Variety]

Disney spikes yet another A-lister, Rabbit adds another name, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· New Disney president Rich Ross continued cleaning the Dick Cook regime's remnants from the office fridge, tossing the Robin Williams/Diane Keaton/Anna Faris romantic comedy Wedding Banned in the trash after a quick, failed sniff test. This follows the more conspicuous discarding of McG's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea pizza box last month. Best to keep your snacks close your desk, folks. [THR]

· Jennifer Carpenter has joined the Nicolas Cage/January Jones vigilante thriller Hungry Rabbit Jumps, currently shooting in Louisiana; the Dexter co-star will play the best friend of Jones's character. [Variety]

· DreamWorks has picked up Andrea McCloud's pitch I Saw You, based on a comic-book anthology of love stories inspired by missed-connections ads on Craigslist and elsewhere. The script reportedly involves four intersecting romances, thus making the film a comprehensive history of every relationship ever initiated in the history of said ads. [THR]

· Breaking Bad co-star Krysten Ritter will appear in the indie Killing Bono, about the tree that claimed the life of skiing singer/politician Sonny... oh. Wait. This one's about a U2 rival in the band's early days in Dublin. Jeez, I can never keep them straight. [Variety]


  • Furious D says:

    1. In keeping with his previous work on The Passion, and Apocalypto, Gibson is going to shoot the entire film in the original Viking language. And he's hired the Swedish Chef to translate the script.
    2. The stellar performance of Old Dogs didn't convince him to give the green-light? That's odd.
    3. Nick Cage has already asked her for a loan.
    4. I saw you on a Movie Line posting, and I just can't get my mind off you oh sultry Vulturess. -- Contact Sam Raimi C/O Sony Pictures.
    5. I'd settle for a film called "Getting Bono to Shut Up for 5 Minutes."