Charting 7 Highs and Lows of Oprah's Christmas at the White House Lovefest

If you weren't one of the 11.8 million that tuned into ABC last night for Oprah Winfrey's private tour of the White House and its Christmas (whatever happened to political correctness?) traditions, fear not. Movieline has filtered out the commercial interruptions and the few minutes worth of actual policy discussion to give you the SFW video highlights. What was promoted as a behind-the-scenes special was really behind-the-scenes, not just of the capital but of Oprah's intimate relationship with the Obamas. There was hand-holding, all-too-knowing sideways glances and a solid minute's worth of baby talk with Bo. Thankfully, Oprah spared us of any questions relating to Michelle's tricep regime. After the jump, last night's emotional highs and lows, as well as the odd glimpse into actual White House tradition.

HIGH: Oprah Watches On Adoringly As the President Shows Off His Family Photos

After charging the oval office and sharing a few prolonged hugs with the President, Our Lady Oprah moved the conversation to his collection of personal photographs. Oprah did not resist picking up the photos, dusting the President's gray hair and asking him to explain each picture.

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  • toni says:

    I poredict that since Oprah has noticed that Michelle can still weigh a ton but "get by" with certain clothes, because of her bowling pin figure...that Opey will be scheduling a breast reduction, real soon.

  • @Sovie - I think you are missing out on the point of the post. I am not saying you are incorrect, just that you could possibly be missing the principal emphasis of the message. Apologies if I am being a Jerk. Simply my viewpoint!