Friday Box Office: Princess Gets Paid


The Princess and the Frog gone done expanded 'self into a tidy lil' firs'-place, ooooohh-eeee! Or something. Disney's oppressively Creole-soaked return to hand-drawn animation added 3,400 screens and pulled down $7 million on Friday, comfortably outpacing The Blind Side, which tumbled to a still-impressive second ahead of the underachieving Invictus. Other Oscar-season darlings A Single Man and The Lovely Bones bowed to good if not dazzling numbers in limited release, each shaping up for per-screen-averages below $35,000 by the close of business Sunday. Yesterday's top 10 after the jump.

THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG: $7,020,000 ($9,900,000)

THE BLIND SIDE: $4,735,000 ($139,497,000)

INVICTUS: $2,920,000 (new)

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON: $2,400,000 ($261,761,000)

A CHRISTMAS CAROL: $1,700,000 ($119,293,000)

BROTHERS: $1,600,000 ($14,002,000)

2012: $1,200,000 ($152,137,000)

OLD DOGS: $1,200,000 ($36,787,000)

ARMORED: $1,100,000 ($9,347,000)

NINJA ASSASSIN: $810,000 ($32,407,000)