General Hospital FrancoWatch: James Franco Channels The Room's Tommy Wiseau in Future Emmy Clip


Over the past two weeks, James Franco relied on brooding stares, sinister laughter and one-note monologues to maximize the illusion of his character's evil persona. But during today's episode of General Hospital, the performance art-motivated actor tapped into something much deeper: textbook soap opera skills. Franco was angry, so James Franco raised his voice, pointedly gestured, and adopted all of the body language taught in the "Fury" week of Acting 101. It was a scene with such formulaic passion that it immediately brought to mind Tommy Wiseau's brilliantly craptastic performance in The Room.

With Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) captive in his death studio, Franco poured champagne and admitted to witnessing many of Jason's murders. Franco propositioned that the two work as a team, with Jason as the muscle and Franco as the creative mind who swoops in afterward, decoratively arranges the corpse's limbs, and sells the art for a fortune. When Jason waffled and questioned whether Franco had actually seen him kill, the performance artist lashed out in a horrifying tantrum that even Jason did not know how to interpret. The Daytime Emmy-ready clip:

Compare that to the potentially inspirational clip James Franco used to perfect the shouting and the precise hand motions that say "I am so angry":


  • HwoodHills says:

    "We can't afford to hate!...Or love!
    Not with AFTRA pay rates.

  • John says:

    Tommy is much better! James Franco is not close at all, what are your comparing to? Tommy Wiseau is the best actor I ever know. John

  • Cassie says:

    Actually, if you watched the continuation of that scene after the commercial break, you would have seen Franco tell Jason he was being deliberately OTT to make a point there. So of course he was OTT; he was supposed to be. Franco was lecturing him about how sloppy he was with the Claudia cover up and was trying to encourage him to do better.
    It was actually funny if you know GH at all and know the character of Jason.
    Most GH fans I know loved yesterday because GH was actually showing some self-awareness about what a crappy show it is and was actually mocking the Jason character.
    So, this wasn't really the best scene to show him being OTT.