Our Commenters of the Week Win an Actual Vulturess!


Forget Anne Hathaway's trip to the Sam Raimi aviary, Movieline's got your red-hot Vulturess right here. Her name is Martina, and she's an Old World Vulture with an ostensibly New World sense of sexual freedom. She's the hottest organism alive to use reeking, corrosive vomit when threatened. John Malkovich is not much different. So who wins this hard-drinkin' bird of prey?

Stolidog on EXCLUSIVE: Spider-Man 4 Circling John Malkovich, Anne Hathaway: "If they're gonna make up new villains, I think they need to morph Franco into the new evil-doer, The Nudist."

NoWireHangers on 9 Groundbreaking Moments From Michael Bay's New Victoria's Secret Commercial: "I think it might have been subtler if they'd used the slogan: This Christmas: PUSSY!!!!"

Mathieu on EXCLUSIVE: Spider-Man 4 Circling John Malkovich, Anne Hathaway: "Gut reaction: The Vulturess is retarded. Should we expect a Green Goblinette in the fifth installment?"

Daft Clown on On TV: Men of a Certain Age: "More like Men of a Certain Cup Size."

Daft Clown (again) on What's On: Before Mrs. Claus Cheats: "So I dug my keys into the side of his pretty little souped up red sleigh ride, Carved my name into his plushy seat. I took a Louisville Slugger to Rudolph's nose, Slashed a hole in that gift sack... Maybe next time he'll think before he cheats."

Congrats to our winners!