Set Your Dreidels to Spin

· Happy Hanukkah, everyone! Live long and latke. [The Daily What]

· Ratings ups and downs: A&E's odyssey into the world of one man with fists of steel (and strides of girl) convinced that he's an actual member of a police force took a nosedive in its second week. But MTV's Jersey Shore increased its audience by 50%, who tuned in to see a woman the size and color of a chocolate Easter bunny gorge herself on a pickle while wearing a "Porn Star in Training" hat. [Live Feed]

· Congratulations to former Hugh Hefner concubine Kendra Wilkinson, who birthed a 9 lb. boy to NFL player Hank Baskett, who they've named Hank Baskett. [D Listed]

· The Men of Glee suit up in raincoats and fedoras for a Vanity Fair homage to Singin' in the Rain. [ONTD]


· TNT teases the return of Southland, the one decent NBC drama the network brilliantly canceled to make room for more Leno. [The Wrap]

· Empire has your first look at a scene from Nowhere Boy, the young John Lennon biopic starring Kick-Ass breakout Aaron Johnson. In it, young Paul and young John learn to play a Buddy Holly song. [Empire]


  • Furious D says:

    1. Oy gevalt, all these farkakte Hannuka tchotchke mishegoss is enough to make me plotz my latkes.
    2. Wasn't one week the decent ratings the whole point of having a novelty act like Seagal doing a reality-show as a cop.
    3. Very original. I would have named the lad Wicker. But I'm a bastard.
    4. I thought it was a screen-cap from Public Enemies 2: This Time It's Musical.
    5. Remember what NBC stands for "Nothing But Crap."
    6. Thank Xenu, I was worried that the world was going to have to go a whole day without someone dishing out some baby boomer nostalgia.

  • Emperor Joshua Norton says:

    Furious D FTW!

  • Furious D says:

    Oh, please, you're making me all verklempt.

  • Kendra knows all about taking care of baskets after her time at the Mansion.