Late Night Highlights: Nonsensical Avatar Plugs, Steven Seagal and Chef Voltaggio

Before Avatar-mania can sweep the nation, James Cameron's masterpiece must be shamelessly promoted on the late night circuit. And last night, an odd A-list movie star kicked off the after-hours leg of promotion. To find out who it was, and to watch the other clips you missed while finishing your holiday shopping, follow us after the jump.

G-Lo Sells Men of a Certain Age

If Louis Virtel's review of Men of a Certain Age did not convince you to tune into Ray Romano's new TNT series, maybe G-Lo's unique pitch will change your mind. Last night, the Lopez Tonight host tried to get Men of a Certain Age co-star Scott Bakula to share raunchy stories about his own aging body, but G-Lo ended up doing the the over-sharing.

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