Ladies First

Despite the deep chill of winter outside, Movieline HQ kept its hearts, minds and eyes open for another stirring week of action. Think of it as Chicken Soup of the Cultural Soul -- or at the very least, think of it as we do after the jump. Have a terrific weekend!

· So Avatar turned out to be as incredible as promised. But as it settled in, it might have been the little pirahna and puppet influences that really stood out.

· Spider-Man 4! John Malkovich! Anne Hathaway! The geeks went wild.

· Just when Sandra Bullock thought she might be having the best year in Hollywood, along came Mo'nique. Figuratively, of course.

· Another dynamite batch of interviews included Jeff Bridges, Rupert Friend, Adam Scott, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Verge designee Ryan Bingham and this week's My Favorite Scene participant, the lovely Maggie Gyllenhaal.

· Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and The Sorcerer's Apprentice withstood the Two-Minute Verdict.

· As the World Turns, The Bonnie Hunt Show and Flight of the Conchords all sadly bit the dust. And Top Chef merely bid an awkward, temporary farewell.

· Only two-fifths of Barabara Walters' Most Fascinating People of 2009 actually did any real fascinating.

· These 10 actors may have found great success as screenwriters, but only David Hasselhoff found a fulfilling second career as an automated autograph-signer.

· We witnessed the last time Susan Sarandon will use a ping-pong proxy on The Jay Leno Show.

· Hey! Look! We launched a Gift Guide! With DVD, book, design, and Bad Movies We Love recommendations and more. Please browse and enjoy!