Don Draper Calling Colin Firth?


In a recent interview, A Single Man director Tom Ford "all but admitted" that Jon Hamm voiced the role of the cold-hearted caller who notifies Colin Firth of his partner's death. The in-joke was reportedly to throw a nod to the character's New York contemporary Don Draper, but Hamm's agent nixed his client's credit or even any attribution at all. "I was sitting next to this person at a dinner party," Ford said. "I know him and I said, 'I'm shooting something tomorrow and your voice is perfect--would you come in and do it?' And his agent ripped me apart like you can't imagine. [...] I don't know who that was on the phone." It's probably safe to assume this signifies the lowest Don Draper Fingerbang Threat Level ever. [Huffington Post via Hollywood Elsewhere]