What's On: Look At Me Now, Principal Vernon!


Tonight's lineup features a welcome breach of typecasting. A certain Brat Pack veteran returns to the limelight and plays a role highly unlike the one that brought him most acclaim. No, Judd Nelson is not playing a footloose-and-fancy-free call girl -- though he may strap on his leg-warmers and jitterbug through the library upon seeing what his former co-star has planned for us this evening.

Community [NBC, 8 PM]

Get ready for the insanity: Anthony Michael Hall guest-stars on tonight's episode and plays a bully. Judging by Hall's alleged girlfriend-biting habits, Jeff Winger has reason to be scared. Hopefully more Breakfast Club role reversals occur, and Emilio Estevez appears and puts a lipstick tube down his cleave -- to raise awareness about domestic violence, or something.

The Real Housewives of Orange County [Bravo, 10 PM]

On "Friends, Facelifts, and Florida," Vicki fixes up a foxy fete (for her wedding anniversary) before frolicking in Florida with her female friends. Then, Tamra rejoins the real estate market, which frightens me and makes friendly alliteration seem out of line. Also, Lynne and her daughter receive facelifts since their cheeks were seeming lifelike again.

The Mentalist [CBS, 10 PM]

The team investigates a wealthy jeweler's murder while attending a black-tie event. Hopefully there's a giant chase scene where everyone wears suits and smirks; I think all crime dramas (real life ones, too) should look like a video from FutureSex/LoveSounds. The episode is called "The Price Above Rubies," which is an unreleased Ian Fleming tome if I've ever heard one. This show is becoming slicker than George Lazenby's entire body.

Return to Me [Style, 8 PM]

Before God canceled her talk show, Bonnie Hunt wrote and directed this adorable romantic-comedy about a heart-transplant recipient (Minnie Driver) who ends up in a relationship with a grieving widower (David Duchovny). Unlike previous Hunt projects, the stars don't have a dozen kids, stumble upon an age-old horrifying board game, house a mischievous Saint Bernard, or anything. They're just well-drawn characters in a believable scenario -- I'm getting choked up. Return to us, Bonnie!