Hybrid Sex and the City 2, Clash of the Titans Poster Infinitely Improves Both Movies

With the release of two posters for upcoming blockbusters appealing to entirely different audience quadrants -- one, the story of a brave warrior forced to fend off all manner of deadly, serpent-haired she-beasts, the other, Clash of the Titans -- the gears began to spin for some of the brightest minds at Movieline's Mashupgineering™ Laboratories. Certainly, the well has appeared to have run dry on the story of perpetually manless New York City sex columnist Carrie Bradshaw, as the central marketing image suggests producers have finally decided to kill off their heroine and have her strut down the Swarovski-crystal-paved streets of Manheaven in pursuit of a hunky angel who's willing to settle down. And then there's Clash, forced to introduce Medusa within the first five minutes, merely in an attempt at justifying Sam Worthington's stony acting. What if ... the thinking went ... there were some way of combining the best of both movies, into one unmissable cinematic event. The results are after the jump.


[Clash poster via ComingSoon]