Late Night Highlights: Cat Massages, Bob Saget and More Japanese Tarantino

This Tiger Woods scandal has worked miracles for late night. Earlier this week, David Letterman self-effaced himself out of his own infidelity mess, Jay Leno developed a Tiger Tote Board to count the golfer's affairs, George Lopez repeatedly swatted his monologue bat at the Tiger pinata and last night, Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Fallon tweaked the late night format again in honor of the scandal-plagued golfer. Their innovative segments, which involved Bob Saget and an intimate locker room pep talk, along with the other moments you missed while bailing out the New Moon She-Pirate, after the jump.

Conan's Joke Caddy

With so many Tiger Woods jokes on the fairway, the Tonight Show host called upon his joke caddy to advise him on how to best play last night's monologue, until special guest Bob Saget asked to play through.

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