General Hospital FrancoWatch: 'It's Franco, Just Franco. Like Madonna.'


It has been days since Port Charles last saw Franco, the graffiti artist "whose canvas is murder." Just ask Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), General Hospital's ruggedly handsome mobster who has been staking out Franco's crime scene apartment all this time. It's exhaustive work, partly because on three separate occasions, Jason heard heavy footsteps outside and braced as the doorknob turned -- only for one of Jason's nosy colleagues to enter the mysteriously unlocked boudoir. This afternoon though, Franco re-emerged from the shadows to give Jason the scare of his week.

Near the end of this afternoon's episode, Franco revealed himself to the object of his bizarre obsession. In the video below (taken from a handheld phone while Movieline's state-of-the-art East Coast video department is under repair), notice as Franco walks in front of a chalkboard covered with Jason Morgan's name (to show the extent of his madness!) and watch as Franco bravely extends a handshake in the face of Jason's loaded gun.

This was the only Franco in today's episode so check back tomorrow to see if Jason shoots.