Who is This Year's Miss Golden Globe?


The tradition of Miss Golden Globe goes back nearly half a century -- it's an elaborate Hollywood Foreign Press Association anointment ritual that involves the slaughtering of a fatted publicist as a sacrificial offering to the show business god Nepoteus, followed by the overturning of an awards show gift bag and reading of its scattered swagtents, and culminating, finally, in the announcement of their selection of leggy celebrity progeny to stand mutely on a makeshift stage in the Beverly Hilton ballroom, handing out trophies before a televised audience of millions while trying their best to avoid direct eye-contact with Jack Nicholson, hopped up on prosecco and waving an outstretched pinkie and thumb near his ear, mouthing, "Call me." This year's lucky lady...after the jump.


This year's honor goes to Mavis Spencer, the 18-year-old daughter of Alfre Woodard and writer/producer Roderick Spencer, it was announced last night at a Golden Globes promotional event in L.A. "I'm very new to this, it's very surreal right now," she told People, when asked how it felt to be awarded a platform most aspiring starlets would sell one of their pancreases for, merely for being the daughter of somebody famous.

Congratulations, Mavis! And keep an eye out for Ricky "Ol' Blue Hands" Gervais.

· Meet Miss Globe 2010: Alfre Woodard's Daughter [People]

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