TV Bites: Primetime Drops Tiger Woods


· While the alleged mistresses of Tiger Woods continue dropping onto the media fairway, Nielsen is reporting that broadcast and cable networks silently pulled all of Tiger's advertisements from primetime, late-night and weekend sports programming November 29. According to reports, the golfer, who was recently dropped from Gatorade, was last shown in a 30-second ad for Gillette. There is still one media icon willing to broadcast Tiger in the daytime, but he should probably work on those fake tears first. [AP]

Naomi Campbell considers reality television, Kate Gosselin might replace Bonnie Hunt, and more TV Bites after the jump.

· Supermodel Naomi Campbell has been approached to host a British version of America's Next Top Model. "An initial approach has been made," her spokesperson told The Daily Mail. "We are discussing that offer, but nothing is set in stone yet." Maybe the recently released ANTM judge Miss J could fly overseas to keep track of any miscellaneous cell phones on set. [In Style]

· The Seinfeld curse is over for another alum, Matt Goldman, who worked as a story editor on the classic series. Fox has plucked up his semi-autobiographical spec script about "a man who tries to make a comeback, both personally and professionally, while working at a dysfunctional company for a woman he dumped five years ago." Sony TV and studio-based Tannenbaum Co. will produce the multi-cam comedy. Now if only Fox could do something for Wayne Knight. [THR]

· With only two months until the Super Bowl, CBS has sold 90 percent of its available commercial time. At $3 million for each 30-second spot, Budweiser and Bud Light are some of the top advertisers again this year. [Reuters]

· As reported Monday, The Bonnie Hunt Show is coming to an end Nov. 22. Warner Bros. is shopping a replacement for the Chicago comedienne's talk show called MomLogic, a View-like hour of chatting by Food Network's Paula Deen, Rene Syler of CBS' The Early Show, author Lee Woodruff, comedian Judy Gold, and reality star and mother of eight Kate Gosselin. But does Gosselin's mom know how to operate a videoconferencing system? [Reuters]


  • stolidog says:

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    In the whorehouses of the night.
    what immoral hand or thigh
    Could tame thy cheating wickedry.
    With what hurtful fibs and lies
    Forcing tears from Elin's eyes!
    Oh the deeds that did transpire
    To cast you down into the mire.
    And which shoulder on which tart
    Could change direction of your cart?
    And when thy heart began to beat,
    What cheap whore under what cheap sheet?
    What the hammer? What the chain
    In what orafice was thy brain?
    What the anvil? What dead grasp
    Dare Elin's deadly talons clasp?
    When you squanderd your career
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    Did you smile your work to see
    Did he who made the lamb make thee?
    Tiger, Tiger burning bright
    In the whorehouses of the night.
    what immoral hand or thigh
    Could tame thy cheating wickedry.