J.J. Abrams Was Just In Some B-Roll, And He Loved It!


· Got B-roll needs? 1-800-BBB-Roll has B-Roll solutions. [YouTube]

· Kellan Lutz opens up to Cosmopolitan about what he loves about women's winter fashion: "The coolest part about seeing a girl wear something comfortable is the smile that you can just feel coming through from inside her." "Layers add excitement. I think, Once I take the sweater off and I'm able to touch her arms, how soft are they going to be?" "I love the feel of cashmere on my nipples." Etc. [Cosmo]

· The success of The Princess and The Frog leads Disney to break another ethnic barrier with Rachel and the Dragon, featuring their first Jewish American Princess. (Princess Jasmine was Sephardic Persian -- doesn't count.) [Deadline]

· Speaking of Disney, the very first home Walt Disney lived in upon his arrival in L.A. is up for sale. [Curbed]

· Matt Damon is deeply honored to be named as the girl of Shakira's dreams in her new song "Men in This Town," about how hard it is to find a decent guy in L.A. [MTV]

· Actual newspaper story: "Student killed by exploding chewing gum" [Telegraph]