IMAX Twilight: Eclipse to Showcase Five-Story Tall Abs, Beat Dark Knight


Good news, fangirls! Next summer's The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will be available for viewing in glorious IMAX. Whether this is the real, towering IMAX known to select theaters around the country or simply the more plentiful, junior-sized, Ansari-tweaking screens everywhere else, let there be no doubt that when Kristen Stewart brushes hair out of her eyes, you will feel the gust of wind. And, more importantly, Summit Entertainment will stop at nothing to overtake The Dark Knight's all-time opening-weekend record.

The studio might have surpassed it three weeks ago had New Moon's $140 million windfall been able to factor in that standard 25 percent surcharge on IMAX tickets. This should probably knock the champ off once and for all on June 30 -- the first in a five-day release frame that culminates in the Fourth of July holiday. That's right: Get ready for a world in which David Slade directed the biggest opener in Hollywood history. Moreover, get ready for a werepenis the size of a bus. At least there'll be no need to squint this time around.

· Twilight: Eclipse to play Imax theaters [THR]


  • man1985 says:

    You do realize that of The Dark Knight's $158 million opening weekend, only $6.3 million came from IMAX theaters. That means that even without IMAX The Dark Knight had a $152 million weekend.
    New Moon had a $140 million opening weekend. I don't see why you sould expect it to make the extra $18 million that it needs to tie TDK from IMAX. Especially considering the demograph of Twilight fans (almost 90% female). Do you really think that more girls want to watch a Soap Opera in IMAX than guys wanna see Batman battling the Joker in IMAX?
    My guess is that even with IMAX, Ecplipse won't be ecplipsing any "champ" any time soon. In fact don't forget that by June 30th the record for opening weekend could be even higher (thanks to the likes of IronMan 2);)
    Good luck you girls though.