Hollywood Ink: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston All About Playing Pretend


· Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are in talks to star in Columbia's comedy Pretend Wife, which is about the story of... well, nobody seems to know. "Under wraps," that sort of thing. The best I can do is note that it was once titled Holiday in Hawaii, Sandler's Chuck and Larry director Dennis Dugan may direct, and it'll probably be the kind of project whose framed poster Sandler's Funny People character would have sloughed off on his starstruck assistant five years from now. [THR]

Rashida Jones gets Social, a manslaughterer wants to inspire you, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· Rashida Jones is the latest cast member to join The Social Network; expect a grainy, long-distance picture of her back and some backhanded compliment of her acting prowess to emerge on David Fincher's Facebook page by Christmas. [Variety]

· Prison Break co-star Lane Garrison is out of the slammer after serving a term for vehicular manslaughter. Naturally (or something) he's been chosen to script One Heart, the inspirational, faith-based story of a youth football team that loses all of its games by a total score of 300-14 before finally losing one by a little closer margin. The opposing team's fans even cheered for them! Producers hope fans of The Blind Side will line up in droves; Roger Avary would no doubt tweet his approval of these developments if he could. [THR]

· Speaking of The Blind Side, its cash-counting producers at Alcon Entertainment have turned to character actor/director Charles Martin Smith to bring another warm and fuzzy tale to viewers deep from the heart of nature: A Dolphin's Tale will tell the true story of Winter, whose tailless, prostheticized adventures after getting ensnared in a crab trap provided hope to people with special needs. The whole thing will unravel, though, when the lauded Winter steadfastly refuses to campaign for an Oscar. [THR]

· The woman who guided the Twilight novels' PR juggernaut has a young-adult series of her own to sell, and Elizabeth Eulberg has done exactly that, placing her teen-refusal-to-date-because-boys-are-jerks title The Lonely Hearts Club in development at Mandalay Entertainment. Needs more abs. [Variety]


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    Ok, saw Jen's comments about having a baby alone while in line at the supermarket today. I see it has some people upset. Why is eveyone so upset about this and should I be? What's everyones thoughts on this one?