Death Threats and Anguished Guidos Plague Jersey Shore


After Italian-American groups railed MTV last week for airing Jersey Shore, a demeaning (or celebratory) series about Italians who feast on hair gel and fist pumping, a new demographic is joining the attack. Only instead of eloquently phrased press releases, this wave of anti-Shore-ers is assaulting MTV staff with abusive "e-mails, phone calls and Facebook messages -- many of which involved death threats." To read one of the incriminating threats and to find out whether MTV is hiring additional security for Snooki or its staffers, follow us after the jump.

Fox reports one of these death threats as "Stupid b****, I want you to die!" While that carefully phrased message leaves much to interpretation (maybe the sender is annoyed with resident guidette Snooki after she drank herself into a black-out and fell into the hot tub naked?), MTV is erring on the safe side by hiring additional security detail for its employees connected to the controversial series. Snooki will just have to fend for herself.

The attack on the MTV's Times Square building arrives only days after advertisers Domino's and American Family Insurance pulled their promos from all repeats of the show. In addition to that negative press, the Jersey Shore Convention and Visitors Bureau recently aired its own grievances with series:

"MTV is providing a one-dimensional, dramatized version of a very small group of visitors' summer experiences in one Jersey Shore town," Daniel Cappello, executive director of the Jersey Shore Convention and Visitors Bureau, said in a statement. "We're flattered that MTV thinks we're an interesting enough destination to warrant an entire reality series, but the national TV audience is hardly getting the full story."

MTV refuses to back down though after decent ratings, instead declaring that the "show is not intended for every audience and depicts just one aspect of youth culture." Meanwhile, one group conspicuously silent about MTV's new programming is the National Organization for Women, who possibly missed this teaser in which Snooki is punched in the face by her housemate:

· MTV Staff Getting Threats Over 'Jersey Shore' [Fox News]


  • Baddertainment says:

    Is that The Situation at 0:51?

  • dinalohan says:

    I would like to introduce that gentleman to Spencer Pratt.

  • FrancoisTrueFaux says:

    The attack on the MTV’s Times Square building arrives only days after advertisers Domino’s and American Family Insurance pulled their promos from all repeats of the show.

    But in all honesty, what self-respecting guido/ette eats Domino's?