Buzz Break: Stocking Season

· Esquire has put together a pictorial tribute to Up in the Air's Vera Farmiga.

· The LAT says Josh Brolin is in talks to appear in Men in Black 3...they just don't know as who, or when.

· Is Glee a little bit racist?

· Just when you started feeling good about year-end movies to see, here come the Worst Movies of the Decade to give you terror flashbacks.

· ABC had ordered a speed-dating show titled...and I'm almost embarrassed to even type this...Conveyor Belt of Love. At least that was better than their first choice, Lazy Susan of Over-the-Clothes Heavy Petting.


  • Furious D says:

    1. It sure beats a pictorial of George Clooney's mug.
    2. He's taking over for Will Smith.
    3. Yet not against those damn Belgians!
    4. Finally Battlefield Earth is #1 at something!
    5. And they rejected my show: "Buffet of Fondling."