Pandora, F*ck Yeah!

From the moment James Cameron unveiled the first tantalizing glimpses of his game changing™ cinematic effort, Avatar, you could say Movieline had developed a perplexing case of déjà vu, seeing in Pandora's lush, computer-generated landscapes and lemur-like wildlife everything from the biggest animated flop of all time, to one of Cameron's earlier, deadlier, fishier efforts. But we didn't see the parallels to that enduring, all-marionette homage to dick-swinging U.S. foreign policy, Team America: World Police. Luckily, YouTube user oyguvaltshappy did, and proceeded to craft what can only be described as a flawlessly edited mash-up, using Team footage set entirely to the soundtrack of the second, better-received Avatar trailer. Let's hope the actual Avatar is half as good as this is, though I doubt there will be any Na'vi sex scenes to match the exquisiteness of Team's acrobatic puppet filthiness.

· via Page 2, /Film


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