Late Night Highlights: Jason Bateman's Dead Dog, Luge and Kato Kaelin

It is rare that Jay Leno claims the most spontaneous moment in the after 10 P.M. line-up, but his fallen (and still unidentified) ping-pong champion clinched him last night's title. The other late night legends tried valiantly to match the Sarandon segment -- Jimmy Fallon even donned head-to-toe spandex -- but the second most interesting moments arose from unlikely guests Kato Kaelin and Shirley Manson. Click through for their strangely nostalgic appearances, as well as the other moments you missed while icing your long, Leno-grazed limbs.

Jason Bateman's Nightmare Dog Sitter Story

The Up in the Air star told a cautionary tale for anyone leaving their dog home during vacation.

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