Introducing The David Hasselhoff Signed-Poster Generator


· Thanks to the good folks at, you can now choose from a handsome array of David Hasselhoff posters, then personalize them with an inscription to yourself or someone you love written in The Hoff's actual handwriting! They make wonderful Christmas gifts. [B3ta]

· Ricky Gervais cites Frank Sinatra as his model for hosting the Golden Globes. So batten down the hatches, folks -- it's gonna be a racist-jokes-about-Sammy Davis Jr. kind of night!

· Arrests have been made in a plot to shake down John Stamos for $700,000 in exchange for photographs taken of the actor at a 2004 party in Florida that would cause "harm to his reputation" if released to the media. The content of the photos hasn't been made public, but I think it's safe to say Stamos was eating Killer Whale sushi in them. I mean -- right? [The Smoking Gun]

· Good news, Hollywood writers! iPhone app authors will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you come the next picket lines. We shall overcoooome....we shall overcooommee... [The Wrap]

· Details magazine has devoted two pages in its current issue to "The Rise of the Douchefag," leading us to devote one end-of-the-day bullet-point to "The Fall of the Douchemag."

· We're trying to be happy for Mickey Rourke and his possible fourth wife, Elena Kuletskaya, but all we can focus on is that thumbnail hovering precariously closely to her baby-zone.


  • SunnydaZe says:

    Oh, this is great fun!!

  • Furious D says:

    1. Now I know what to get my Mother for Xmas.
    2. Who's going to be Dean Martin?
    3. I saw the photos, in them he's sucker punching Girl Guides and stealing their cookies. It was horrible. The cookies though were great.
    4. You laugh now, but when the Producer's "Find a Prostitute" app stops getting updated, the negotiations are going to get a hell of a lot friendlier.
    5. What's next the "Douchehag?" If anyone uses that term I get a royalty.
    6. I'm just glad to see Mickey working regular again.

  • HwoodHills says:

    $30 for a "simulated" autograph from Dave? (Before shipping?)
    You're charged an ADDITIONAL $15 for the fake "simulated" autograph.
    Is THIS what the "internet" has done for us?
    (For $1 I can get the drunk homeless guy at BK to sign one for free as long as I buy him some fries.)
    The shame...The shame.

  • What a delerious
    present from MovieLine
    for this shut-in.
    I could use a Jack
    Daniels Burger to celebrate

  • Daft Clown says:

    I've always had a hunch Uncle Jesse provides the meat for the Olsen twin's sandwich, but I don't think the proof would be worth almost three quarters of a million dollars.
    I know, “How rude!”

  • Can't believe it, Lady Gaga got 8 VMA awards Sunday night. I'm definitely happy for her achievements and I love that Born This Way song GaGa sung also.

  • I adore Brad Pitt, I hope his career in the films space will be long lasting, can't wait to look at his up coming movie !