Further Tales of the New Moon She-Pirate


Samantha Tumpach, the 22-year-old girl who sat in jail for 48 hours after a Ft. Lauderdale theater-owner had discovered in her possession a digital camera with less than four minutes of New Moon footage captured on it, is now in the hands of the state. The Muvico theater chain said in a statement that they had "neither the expertise nor the authority" to know whether or not what Tumpach did constitutes a crime, and would leave it "up to prosecutorial discretion to determine the seriousness of any charges that might be leveled." That sort of contradicts what they said at the time of her arrest -- which was that they were going to press charges unless the police they had summoned to the manager's office formally arrested the girl, which they then did.

Summit declined comment when approached by The Wrap, who then go on to cite a "studio insider" who claim they won't support the charges. It now falls to Florida prosecutors, who'll have to prove Tumpach had some intention of putting the footage to "illicit use" -- i.e. selling the footage on the black market. Nothing about this case suggests that was her intention, so most likely the case will be thrown out, and the worst thing Tumpach will get (besides the two days she already spent in jail) is a stern warning about bringing recording devices into movie theaters.

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