Nutso Quentin Tarantino Commercial Outtakes Result in Nutso Quentin Tarantino Commercial


A little less than a month ago Movieline presented you with some snippets from a clip blending the heights of Eastern batsh*ttery with the depths of Western selling out -- an art form perhaps better known as "the Japanese TV commercial." Factor in Quentin Tarantino, however -- particularly as the free-swinging, language-butchering, kimono-rocking kung-fu "Uncle Tara-san" -- and, well, yeah. Even the Japanese probably don't have a word for that. Thankfully they have video, however, and you can see the finished product after the jump.

Softbank's spots (one short, one long) for their talking-dog cell-phone speaker (I think) apparently do feature a narrative in case you care; one viewer's loose translation of the spot breaks it down as follows:

It starts with the older woman asking the dog if he's going to a town called Tosa. The dog says yes. Then, the younger woman asks if Tarantino is going along, whereupon he declares "I am Tara!"

At that point, in the long version, Tarantino does his samurai impression "Hai-ya! Samurai spirit!! Get him with the samurai sword! Ho-ha!" etc. The dog says "I'm determined to go to Tosa!" The older woman tells Tara to calm down, and he says "Yes". Then, the phone rings, the younger woman says "It's the phone", and the older woman says "It's your wife." Tara gasps. The wife asks for Tara, he responds with another "I am Tara!", then she yells "Get home right now!"

Lovely. "Chaos reigns" remix to follow shortly, no doubt.

· Soft Bank Commercial [YouTube via Gizmodo]


  • SunnydaZe says:

    I think this is a better translation>
    Older Woman says>
    "Which one of you directed some of the most sadistic mainstream films is cinema history?"
    The dog then replies>
    "Not me."
    The Quentin proudly admits it was him.
    The lady on the phone then screams>
    "I am going to get medieval on your ass"
    Then Quentin says>
    "I wrote that line while high on pot and beer at Barney's Beanery."
    The dog then says>
    "I am going to go lick my own balls"

  • ghekkoh says:

    Your imagination is great! this is very best translation.
    I'm getting expire Japanese in NY , kinda lost in translation.
    This is New 3G mobile phones "give away white dog wifi speaker CM: Japanese fans, "Tara-Chan" is Tarantino has called the role, including Dog Daddy "attended by her brother Dante Carver's role"Dad and brother and uncle, Tara is what I like Sakamoto Ryoma : kinda last Samurai.That "house Shirato" become a part of Quentin Tarantino. The lady is his wife, calling from U.S. then screams HAYAKU KAETTE KOI ! ! : What r u doing you should leave Japan right now !!...that's answer.. couldn't get it..Japanese yo~~~if you go there,have to be comedian in Hello kitty,Manga world.. ja~ne bye bye...

  • SunnydaZe says:

    Since I'm a narcissist I am going to assume you are talking to me and that it is the best compliment I have ever received.

  • Bodie&Doyle4ever says:

    Hey this post got linked to the home page Hit List for today. That is all.

  • Cj says:

    Where do I get one of those dog things!!!?