Noted Blog Magnate Tweets From Set of Untitled, Insane Wachowski/Huffington Project


/Film asks a perfectly valid question, and that is, what the hell is Arianna Huffington going on about on her Twitter feed today? In a mysterious and bizarre tweet last night, the HuffPo proprietress and Hellenic opinion-haver announced she was on her way to "chicago to take part in the Wachowskis' movie on iraq from the perspective of the future." Some hours later, there she was, true to her word, asking, "Do u want to know what I'll look like in 90 years?" Sure, Arianna! We'll bite! For those of you who guessed, "Like expensive jewelry buried deeply in a mound of nutrient-rich soil," you're wrong. Turns out the Arianna of 2100 looks a lot like Ivana Trump on her fourth wedding day!

One major mystery solved -- but that leaves another dangling, and that is ... what Wachowskis movie on Iraq from the "perspective of the future?!"

The siblings -- Andy and Lana, formerly Larry, who we'd like to point out is looking especially sassy lately with her pink, teased-out highlights. Run, Lana, Run! -- have had nothing officially on the slate since 2008's ill-fated Speed Racer. Could they have punked the world, and went directly into production under our noses? /Film threw it open to conjecture, and got responses from Cinematical's Erik Davis, who suggested it might be their adaptation of the novel Cloud Atlas, and Devin Faraci of says it's all just "test footage" for their "next project." (Though he doesn't know what that is -- though he acknowledges Atlas is a good guess.)

Some photos from the shoot:


Arianna is pictured here with Lana Wachowski and her parents, proud folks from hearty, mid-Western Polish stock.


· WTF: Secret Wachowski Brothers Futuristic War Movie In Production? [/Film]


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