Hollywood Ink: Mel Gibson Faces 'Grand' Time in Mexican Prison


· The governor of Veracruz, Mexico revealed over the weekend that Mel Gibson is planning to shoot a movie next month at the Ignacio Allende Prison there -- not far from where Gibson made Apocalypto several years ago and contributed philanthropic efforts last winter. He last visited the prison in 2008, and Gov. Fidel Herrera said a portion of the facility will be vacated "because a grand production will be filmed there with our friend, the actor and producer Mel Gibson." No additional details -- title, story line, or where the hell you move half a Mexican prison's worth of inmates to make room for Mel Gibson -- were available as of this writing. [THR]

Moneyball may finally have its director, Jack Black gets cryptozoological, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· Word broke late Friday that Capote director Bennett Miller is in final negotiations to take over Moneyball from Steven Soderbergh. Brad Pitt is still attached, and Aaron Sorkin's rewrite is in, and thus Sony's quest for an inexpensive director who feels all right with a budget slashed by half might just finally straighten out this hot development hell once and for all. [Variety]

· Jack Black is on board to produce an untitled animated project about the ups and downs of cryptozoology -- the study of mythical creatures such as sasquatches, yetis, the Loch Ness Monster, and in a rumored, revolutionary bit of Blackian synergy, the recently discovered title character of Kung Fu Panda 2: The Kaboom of Doom. [THR]

· Next year's Christmas movies today: The Nutcracker and the Mouse King will finally get the family action-adventure treatment the world has long sought for it, with New Line set to adapt the original mid-19th-century story as a mortal CGI battle pitting a girl and her toy against the evil, eponymous rodent overlord. [THR]

· Attention up-and-coming directors: The teen romcom Pictures of You is hiring! The film centers on a young man who discovers his dream girl after developing film in a camera he found on a beach. If you can convincingly depict both puppy love and a world where teenagers still use film cameras, the job is all yours. [Variety]