Buzz Break: Curbside Service

· Hey, it's the first official still from Sex and the City 2! What is that car wearing, am I right?

· Danny DeVito spoke to Vanity Fair about his It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia nude scene: "When somebody says to you, 'Your character comes out of a couch naked,' you don't know what it's going to be like until the flounder is moving across the naugahyde."

· Mr. Burns from The Simpsons very nearly triumphed in the NYC Mayoral race (well, kinda). I mean, after the whole gay marriage imbroglio in the state, could he really have done any worse?

· McG is still threatening to make two more Terminator movies.

· Hey Barbara Walters, why are you making Adam Lambert pre-tape his View performance? "Because people seem to be afraid of what he'll do." Gotcha.