Friday Box Office: Blind Faith


The Blind Side looks like it will finally make an end-run around New Moon this weekend, decisively taking the first place slot from the vampire drama in yesterday's box office. Meanwhile, Brothers landed in the number-three spot with more than some trackers were expecting (though still not a magnificent haul) while Everybody's Fine made its title seem like the state of highest denial. Full figures after the jump:

THE BLIND SIDE: $6.7 million ($115.5 million)

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON: $5.2 million ($244.2 million)

BROTHERS: $3.7 million (new)

ARMORED: $2.4 million (new)

OLD DOGS: $2 million ($29.1 million)

2012: $2 million ($144.2 million)

A CHRISTMAS CAROL: $1.9 million ($109.4 million)

NINJA ASSASSIN: $1.6 million ($26.4 million)

EVERYBODY'S FINE: $1.3 million (new)

PLANET 51: $1 million ($30.7 million)


  • Mark says:

    and up in the air? where's?

  • Kyle Buchanan says:

    Up in the Air was only on 15 screens this week, but it did strongly. Seth will have more on that in his Weekend Box Office tomorrow.

  • Furious D says:

    In limited release, and not counted by this, though some reports that it made $1 million off of 15 theaters. Probably George Clooney's best per-screen average in a long time.