What's On: Au Revoir, Mon Petit Monk


Viewers will finally find out who killed the wife of obsessive-compulsive San Francisco sleuth Adrian Monk in tonight's series finale. Tony Shalhoub assures viewers that Monk's climax is everything they've been dreaming of: "When I read the finale, I was really moved and very satisfied. I thought it was going to be tricky to pull off...I discovered, once I was in it, that it all started to come to me. I had been loaded up for eight years."

Monk [9 PM, USA]

Casper Van Dien, Melora Hardin, Craig T. Nelson and Virginia Madsen will join Emmy-winning Shalhoub in tonight's hourlong finale. After 12 years of searching, Monk finds his wife Trudy's killer. Could this free him of his obsessive compulsive ways? Fans might just have to wait for the rumored film to find out.

Ugly Betty [9 PM, ABC]

Before Betty (America Ferrera) moves to her new Wednesday night time slot, she takes a much needed Bahamas vacation first with Matt (Daniel Eric Gold), Amanda (Becki Newton) and Marc (Michael Urie), who sulks that there is no love match for him on the entire island. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams) discovers that her arch rival, Penelope Graybridge (Christie Brinkley) has found a new job and that Connor (Grant Bowler) is alive. Back in Queens, Hilda (Anna Ortiz) and her old flame, Bobby (Adam Rodriguez), revisit old feelings. Shakira guest stars as herself. At 10 PM, cool off from that tropic heat and hip shaking with Chris Brown's 20/20 interview.

Happily Ever Faster [10 PM, TLC]

This new series about life inside a Las Vegas wedding chapel could have easily ridden The Hangover's coattails with episodes of disaster weddings in which black-out drunk casino-crossed strangers tie the knot before that twelfth shot sends them into unconsciousness. But TLC has dumped all of the disaster-iffic footage in favor of sober, heartfelt nuptials. In tonight's episode, high school sweethearts renew vows on their 35th wedding anniversary. And then they wake up toothless, carrying a baby and courting a tiger, right?


Dan in Real Life [8 PM, TBS]

Juliette Binoche has improved the lives of many broken down men in her film career, but Steve Carell's widower tests her abilities in this ensemble not all that funny comedy (or dramedy, if you will). The idea that Binoche could end up with the Dane Cook brother personal trainer character is beyond ridiculous and an error in casting and the movie probably should have ended with the kind of hot meet-cute between Carell and Binoche in the bookstore. That being said, there are worse ways to spend a Friday night.


  • Elizabeth says:

    I injoy watching monk shows. I do not want to see them end. Is the last one going to be no dvd also ???