Shall We Sundance?

This week at Movieline, we looked toward both the past and future. As nominations are awarded to the films of the past year, what can we glean about next year from the Sundance Film Festival's announcements? Also, what is going on with the makeup-clad controversy magnet Adam Lambert? Let's take a look back:

· It was another great week of interviews at Movieline, as Sam Rockwell talked family, Anna Kendrick talked about her career, Adam Yauch dished on DVDs, and Michael Haneke talked about the nature of cinema as art. By the way, have you met Lily Cole? You really should.

· Sundance announced its competition and noncompetition lineups. We gave you 8 films to watch and 6 burning questions answered. One film you won't be seeing there anymore: Crazy Heart.

· The Gothams honored The Hurt Locker while NBR honored Up in the Air. On the other coast, the Independent Spirit Awards racked up a few surprising omissions.

· In the most controversial bit of network sex-simulation since Justin stripped Janet, Adam Lambert's Glittergate forced ABC to reevaluate its policies, but even the new contract couldn't keep Lambert on the channel.

· Roman Polanski got out of jail, and into a nice Alpine villa. The Twitter-happy Roger Avary, on the other hand, was less fortunate.

· James Franco was almost ruined by his soap opera's one-take policy, but don't worry! He meant to do it.

· We gave the Two-Minute Verdict treatment to Daybreakers, Hollywood's newest attempt to sink its teeth into the vampire-loving demographic.

· The Salahis and Miss South Carolina are both angling for reality TV infamy.

· Paul Greengrass may be off Bourne 4 -- just don't ask Matt Damon.

· If you love New Moon, but you're entering hot flash territory, try It's Complicated!

· To the history books: SNL's female writers were celebrated, the Harlem Globetrotters's TV oeuvre was pored over, and the Grammys' Best New Artist shadiness was dissected.

· Who's the loser in the Battle of the James Cameron love themes? Surprisingly, Michael Bay.