TV Bites: Silver Dreams For Entourage


· Last night at the Lovely Bones premiere, Mark Wahlberg announced that Entourage has two seasons left before the gang makes a movie. Cue the hazy dissolve...Vincent Chase has been riding high ever since the release of Steven Spielberg's remake of The Philadelphia Story, but when a scandal from his past threatens to derail his latest career resurgence, his team of supporters must come to his rescue. Meanwhile, Mrs. Ari is thinking about adopting a set of Laotian twins and Ari Gold wants nothing of it but knows that with the impending merger of his company, his wife will need a couple extra hands around the house. Drama is in the hospital after an auto-erotic mishap but a new money-making scheme from Turtle has him on the road to recovery. Lastly, E still doesn't know what to do about Sloan but a wild boar hunting trip in Texas with Mario Batali and T. Boone Pickens makes him realize that life is short and he should put more of himself into his marriage -- if only he could escape from the clutches of a multinational Chicano street gang. Other ideas welcome. [Reuters]

Fox develops werewolves, Justin Bobby is renewed, and more TV Bites after the jump.

· From the West Wing to cooking demos, George Stephanopoulos is reportedly in negotiations to replace Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America. [Associated Press]

· Despite America's waning interest in producer-solicited love triangles and Kristin Cavallari, MTV has renewed The Hills and The City for another season each. [Variety]

· FlashForward will not be returning to ABC until March, not January, as previously reported. [Variety]

· In the spirit of New Moon-mania, Fox is developing a werewolf script called Howl from DreamWorks TV, which is being described as an "epic family saga about warring families of werewolves in a small Alaskan town." One of the project's writers, Joshua Miller explains that the series will examine "the psychology of living with change," but tell us something we really want to know, like just how ripped will Fox's were-hunks be? [Variety]