Introducing Leonardo DiCaprio As Jack Frost


· The greatest actor of our generation finally succumbs to the easy paycheck of voiceover work for Dreamworks Animation's The Guardians. Watch out, Bonnie Hunt and John Ratzenberger!

· Tiger Woods may have been able to keep the media out of his compound for a few days, but now Oprah's knocking. Trust us, Tige, that eight iron will be useless against her.

· Taye Diggs has gone on record as saying that his wife, Tony winning, Idina Menzel, would love to guest-star on Glee, especially as the biological mother of Lea Michele's character.

· For her upcoming "Bad Romance" performance on the X Factor, Lady Gaga allegedly requested "fluffy lambs and hundreds of butterflies floating around the stage" but Simon Cowell negotiated down to hordes of semi-naked men.

· Congratulations to Kevin Pollack, who has been hired to host Fox's upcoming competition series My Little Genius (Alternate title: You Are Not Smarter Than This 5th Grader). A word of advice: those perfectly honed Christopher Walken and Captain Kirk impressions might fly right over that their heads -- better start working on a Nick Jonas.


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